Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New iPhone 4 Arrived (One Day Early)

As usual, I won't go though all the stuff that's been covered and stick to my initial impressions.
  1. Look - I would say no better or worse than the 3G, just a little different
  2. Feel - I remember when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 3G, he said, 'it just feels good in your hand' ... And it did. The 4 G, much less so with its square edges. Definitely two steps back, meaning it feels worse than the original 2 G.
  3. Case - It's a fingerprint magnet, on the 2G and 3G, it was just the screen, on the 4G its front and back. Not good.
  4. Display - Clearly better, but not overly relevant to me.
  5. Available Storage - I had to delete files to synch my existing 3GS with the 4G. I guess the 4 G takes more stuff to run it.
  6. Processor - Don't know the stats / facts but the 4G is clearly faster than the 3G.
  7. Operating System - I had iOS on my 3GS so the changes are less dramatic for me but integrated mail and the App folder capability are really nice.
  8. Camera - I hate to praise something that was better on the blackberry 3 years ago, but the upgraded camera with Flash on the 4G is a huge, primarily because the old one was SO BAD.
  9. Battery Life - No comment yet but they state 40% more talk time overall. I have a feeling that multitasking will definitely take its toll on battery life though.
  10. Facetime (over WiFi) - This is iphone to iphone video conferencing. Haven't tried it out yet but absent the fact that it needs to be used over wifi, this will be a great feature.
Why Stick with Your 3G? Absent the marketing hype, the 4G is better for sure but its only incrementally better ... and it feels too familiar to be a new.

Why Buy the 4G? Faster Processor; More Battery Life; Better Camera w/ Flash; Integrated email (for multiple accounts); and App Folders to organize your apps (this is a great and needed feature). Forgot to mention, it's new, it's cool and it's from Apple!