Thursday, October 1, 2009

Average iPhone User Downloads 9 Games, Spends $7 On Them

iPhone app/gaming stats from this week's New York Gaming Conference:

  • Most iPhone games are free. There are 16,000 games available on the iPhone, and only 28% are paid games, says Michael Klotz, senior manager of Games business at NPD Group.
  • Most game downloads are unpaid. The average amount an iPhone user spends on a game is $7, and the average iPhone user downloads nine games from the app store. But, four of five of those downloads are free games and only one-third of those who download lite versions of games have ever upgrade to a paid version. (That suggests fewer than two of the nine games downloaded per person generate that $7. Perhaps a $2 game and a $5 game.)
  • On whole, games are priced more cheaply than other apps. Joost van Dreunen, managing director of SuperData Research, says though games account for almost one-fifth of the apps in the App Store, they have the lowest average price of $1.43.
  • Games are extremely popular. Of the 2 billion apps downloaded on Apple's app store, 65% are games.

Source: The Business Insider