Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue Lake Capital Partners

I had a chance to meet with one of my industry friends, Doyal Bryant, last week in Charlotte. He and his partners at Blue Lake Capital, Mike Simmons and Curt Mellon rolled out the red carpet for me and a few unnamed 'friends' over superbowl weekend.  

I was really amazed at the deal flow they had as well as the energy they are putting into some really interesting start ups and projects.  I don't know if these deals are announced yet ..... but they are '4G' related and 'really' interesting.

We looked at a few low tech deals as well.  After looking at one seemingly 'low tech' company, I was reminded that even low tech companies (this one makes pill boxes) need high tech strategies that leverage the power of the internet as well as use social networking to create conversations with their customers.  

I noticed an incredible energy level around BlueLake.  Doyal had this before the economy went south (and before he lost 92 Lbs) and he continues to be aggressive and positive.