Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flip Video Cam + 5 Other Things i Love, and 2 I Don't

I just bought the new Flip Video MinoHD Camcorder.  I love the simplicity of the device and its purpose, decent quality video when you don’t feel like looking like a tourist with your video camera.  And, it just looks cool.

Every time a get a new gadget, I tend to reflect on other things I have that I love / hate.  Here is the list, which is Apple heavy.

Love it.

Blackberry Curve.  Why?  Single purpose email device.  Not too many frills and it works as advertised.

20” Stainless Imac – Why? It just makes me happy looking at it.

Old MacBook (White) – Why? As advertised and the plastic case is highly durable and can be tossed around without scratching.

Rolex Submariner.  Why? After 18 years it’s still in style and still looks new.

Asics Gortex Running Jacket.  Why? It’s 10 years old, I have had many others, but this one reminds of being back in the day and always makes me go a little faster and a little farther.

Hate it.

iPhone.  Why?  It’s a break though device and I love the idea of it but the battery life is horrible if you use it for anything other than a phone and kills the 'i can do anything' experience.

New MacBook.  Why?  The changes were not that meaningful to me and it’s not durable like my old one. (see above).